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Hype DC

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Established almost 20 years ago, Hype DC has grown from an idea conjured during a European holiday into Australia’s leading sneaker destination.

Hype DC offer a carefully curated collection of sneakers from the best brands in the world, specialising in premium, short run releases alongside timeless classics that never go out of style. Whether it's in store at one of their unique, gallery inspired spaces to online at hypedc.com, your next pair of shoes will never be far from your fingertips.

With over 60 stores across Australia, and a market leading eCommerce site, Hype DC stocks all the latest sneakers from brands including Nike, Adidas, New Balance.

Sustainability Efforts

Hype DC actively partners with and champions a variety of ethical and environmentally sustainable shoe brands. They release updates and guides on the new technological advances their brand partners release, encouraging their consumers to make more sustainable choices. For example :

Hype DC favourite Teva : The straps on the brand’s sandals are made from 100 per cent traceable, recycled plastic – that’s a whole lot of single-use plastics being kept out of landfill. Teva is continually reducing its overall water usage, while also working with suppliers and partners to conserve water at all steps of the production process. Since 2017 it has saved over 380 million gallons of water.

Converse : Converse’s Renew Chuck 70. The canvas uppers are made by repurposing excess materials, with a blend of recycled and virgin cotton. Meanwhile, the soles feature environmentally friendly repurposed rubber.

Veja : Top of Hype DC’s list of brands with a strong commitment to transparency is ethical shoe brand Veja. Veja provides access to all supply chains and details all manufacturing contracts on its website. Geographical maps illustrate the entire journey of your shoes – from where cotton and rubber are harvested through to the locations of Veja factories. As well as these internal checks and balances, Veja is B Corp Certified. This certification means you can shop with the added assurance that the brand’s impact has been assessed and accredited by a globally recognised organisation.

By advertising and supporting these sustainable brands and models, Hype DC aims to positively impact their consumers’ decisions.

With so many brands to choose from, it's easy to find something you'll love. 

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