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ECO. Modern Essentials 

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ECO. Modern Essentials is a Gold Coast based wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing. They combine the highest quality ingredients from around the world to create innovative blends that address overall wellbeing. ECO. Modern Essentials is Australian owned and all of their products are bottled in Australia. Their product offerings are high quality pure essential oils, specialised blends and carrier oils. ECO. Modern Essentials’ oils are sourced from around the world where the plant material grows best both climatically and seasonally. ECO. Modern Essentials work with a qualified Aromatherapist to bring their customers simple and easy-to-use guides and resources about essential oils.

Sustainability Efforts

The ECO. Modern Essentials team is committed to making a difference in the world from providing eco-friendly alternatives to being certified as carbon neutral. They work closely with our team of botanists, chemists and aromatherapists to develop the most effective essential oil blends and provide the best possible education on aromatherapy.

Ingredients are harvested  from ethical sources ensuring social and environmental integrity. All of ECO. Modern Essentials’ essential oils are GC/MS tested both internally and by a third party before they are bottled to ensure the highest purity and quality of their chemical composition.

All ECO. Modern Essentials’ essential oils are bottled in Australia. Their facilities are TGA compliant, Australian Certified Organic, GMP Compliant and are also audited regularly to maintain this high standard. The entire product range is PETA approved Vegan & Cruelty free as well as Paraben free and SLS free. All of their essential oils are GC/MS tested before they are bottled to ensure the highest purity and quality of their chemical composition.

All packaging is 100% Recyclable.

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