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Beyond Retro 

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Beyond Retro began in 2002 as a single warehouse-turned-retail store in East London, stocked with an eclectic range of vintage sourced from around the globe. Now, Beyond Retro is the UK’s biggest vintage retailer. They have 8 retail stores across the UK and Sweden. Their team hand pick every item of used clothing they find. Beyond Retro have brands from vintage Nike sweatshirts to vintage Levi's jeans, and stock 60s to 90s clothing, vintage Y2K, plus size vintage and vintage football, NFL, NBA, baseball and basketball.

Sustainability Efforts

In 2020 alone, Beyond Retro rehoused 90 million items. Shopping for vintage instead of new when we can, is a simple way to help reduce the damaging impact of fast fashion.

In 2014, WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) audited Beyond Retro’s processes, and discovered that by recycling and upcycling from second-hand materials, every year, they save: 608 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and 300,000 m3 of water.

In stores, Beyond Retro recycle in every way they can. From plastic bags to packaging, everything possible is recycled and recyclable. They recycle their cardboard boxes, shipping them around the world and from store to store until they collapse. In Beyond Retro’s buying process, they pick from all over the world and ship product by boat rather than air. All of Beyond Retro’s training tools are shared online rather than printed.

Pre­loved and donated fashion pieces are collected worldwide by charitable and recycling organisations. Beyond Retro find the vintage pieces that match trends in store, saving rare beauties and must-have retro staples from the shredder or landfill.

They have recently introduced a reworked vintage range – LABEL, up-cycling vintage product for a new audience and thereby reducing the fashion industry’s contribution to landfill.

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