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Boody was born from a collective passion, drive and demand for a simpler wardrobe made from sustainable fabrics that supported the everyday lifestyle. Based in Sydney Australia, their sustainable everyday basics are selling in 15 countries globally and counting. Everything is quality, sustainable and all crafted in organically-grown bamboo.

Sustainability Efforts

Boody’s manufacturing process is designed to mitigate waste at every opportunity. Boody garments are knitted in tubes, resulting in very little wastage compared to traditional cut-and-sew manufacturing. Boody uses solely organically-grown bamboo and cotton to manufacture their comfortable and breathable products. They use rainwater to grow their bamboo and all water used in the production process is recycled and reused. Bamboo doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation to enhance its growth and after harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products resulting in zero waste. Bamboo plantations produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees. It also absorbs more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Their packaging is made with recycled, post-consumer waste by FSC-certified suppliers, who prioritise the preservation of natural ecosystems and prevent deforestation. Boody does not use plastic and only prints with vegetable-based inks. Your purchases arrive in bags made using biodegradable, compostable and recyclable corn-based PLA.

Boody only works with factories that are Fair Trade certified to ensure everyone involved in the production of Boody is treated with the respect and care they deserve. Toxic chemicals are prohibited in the Boody process. They work with facilities that have the same sustainable vision -  to reduce water usage, conserve energy and minimise waste.

Additionally, Boody support and partner with people, groups and projects that are activists for change:

  • 1% for the planet : 1% of all Boody online sales are donated to non-profits who help protect the environment.
  • Chris O’Brien Lifehouse: 10% of all online beanie sales go to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a not-for-profit, hospital and research institute dedicated to transforming cancer care. Lifehouse offers patients every service and therapy that they need including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and more.
  • Thread Together: Thread Together, Boody’s official charity partner, works to provide new clothing to Australians who are doing it tough. This includes those in emergency accommodation, those fleeing domestic violence, those out of work, and more

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