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Elka Collective 

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Elka Collective endeavours to craft beautiful garments that are as versatile and relaxed as the women who wear them. Where classic tailoring meets an easy-to-wear sensibility, their timeless pieces have a pared-back yet contemporary appeal. Each collection of uncomplicated and modern pieces embodies the subtle strength of the Elka Collective woman. Founder and Creative Director Courtney Price launched Elka Collective and its first collection in Summer 2014. Elka Collective design wearable, lasting silhouettes and use natural fibres wherever possible.

Sustainability Efforts

Elka Collective want to contribute to increasing transparency and ethical standards within the fashion supply chain. In doing so they are taking a realistic approach that focusses on growing changes and, are committed to continuously developing transparency with suppliers and customers. Elka Collective participate in the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report yearly and are currently holding a C grade for 2019.

Elka Collective always make a conscious effort to use natural fibres as much as possible and endeavour to start using recycled fabrics in the near future.

Linen - Aside from being naturally breathable and durable, Linen is also an eco-friendly and fully bio degradable fabric. Linen is a cellulose fibre, made from Flax plants. Flax plants require very little water, fertilizers or pesticides in comparison with other cellulose fibre plants. All of Elka Collective’s Linen jersey pieces are made from 100% premium French Linen.

Leather - leather products are made from premium free-range New Zealand Leather.

Alpaca - Softer and lighter than Wool, Alpaca is naturally insulating and comes in over 20 natural colours (often saving the need for the fleece to be dyed). Alpaca’s also leave a very light environmental footprint compared to other their other woollen counterparts. Alpaca fleece is completely renewable and bio degradable.

Tencel/Lyocell - A man-made fabric from cellulose fibres, typically Eucalyptus, Burch or Oak trees (which require minimal pesticides and fertilizers). The pulp from the trees are dissolved down in a closed loop production, meaning that the chemical solution is not released back into the environment, it is recycled and reused in the fabric manufacturing. The turnaround from tree to fibre is extremely fast, meaning less water and energy is used per yield. The end result being a smooth, versatile and naturally wrinkle resistant biodegradable fabric.

Read more about Elka’s fabrics at: https://elkacollective.com/fibres-fabrics/

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