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Growing up continents apart, travel brought Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norwegian Helle Them-Enger together. On the island of Bali, Indonesia, the two of them met and forged a friendship that would provide the opportunity to live the life of their dreams by taking the road less travelled. Together, they have conceived and developed a label for their customers, who just like themselves, desired to feel easily and comfortably chic and confident both on their travels and at home. With a focus on integrity and community, they've partnered with manufacturers in Bali to create hand-made garments for the modern woman and her off-duty life.

Sustainability Efforts

With a production based out of Bali, Indonesia, FAITHFULL THE BRAND believe in building life-long relationships with their partners and community. They are community minded and family focused, forging partnerships that are mutually beneficial, based on real, genuine family values. FAITHFULL endeavour to always choose hand-made over mass-produced and resist cutting corners at all costs. They continue to adhere to handmade production.

FAITHFULL THE BRAND choose home industry suppliers over mass production relying on less machines and therefore less energy emissions. Most of their sewers work from home in husband/wife duos so they can continue to work from home whilst taking care of their families. They support women returning from having children and wanting to get back into the workforce through the contracting of home industry suppliers that enable the duality of motherhood and earning a wage to support their families.

These women are predominantly unskilled and uneducated therefore through their employment in the home industry sector they are able to further develop their training and skills by working closely with FAITHFULL’s production team. Staff benefits include above minimum wages, health insurance (which also included their immediate family) and the opportunity to borrow money from FAITHFULL THE BRAND directly (once an employee’s probation period is over).

80% of the fabrications that FAITHFULL THE BRAND choose to use are certified “Ecovero” fibres which are renewable wood sources that use an eco-responsible production process by meeting high environmental standards. Lenzing Ecovero fibres tailor to a sustainable lifestyle, contributing to a cleaner environment.

The second staple of their collections is linen. Linen is considered to be the strongest of all-natural fibres with a low environmental impact. The more linen is worn and washed the softer it becomes, and it is extremely durable – 30% stronger than cotton; meaning that it can last decades when cared for correctly. Linen is also fully biodegradable.

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