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OVO Energy 

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OVO Energy was formed in the UK in 2009, focussing on great service, affordable pricing and access to more renewable energy. They are now the largest independent retailer in the UK supplying energy from renewable sources to over 5 million households.

In late 2019, OVO launched in Australia with the same green approach.

Sustainability Efforts

OVO electricity is 100% carbon neutral. OVO purchase carbon offset certificates from internationally recognised schemes that are accredited by the Clean Energy Regulator and include reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency schemes. They retire these certificates and report on this activity annually making these audited reports publicly available on their website.

By purchasing GreenPower with OVO you are displacing your electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has no net greenhouse gas emissions. The government-managed GreenPower program independently audits OVO each year to ensure this is the case.

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