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Spell began when two sisters joined each other in the idyllic beachside town of Byron Bay, Australia. Most of all, Spell's flowing, feminine dresses, love of turquoise, florals and age-old lace, whisper to the sisters' own childhood. Spell taps into that sense of nostalgia, beauty and freedom that so compliments the female spirit. The vibrant, expressive part of you that emerges on vacation, or mid-strut at a festival, Spell brings that spirit to life, wherever you are. All garments are proudly designed and sampled in the Arts & Industry Estate of Byron Bay, and produced ethically in factories around the world.

Sustainability Efforts

Spell have always asked their global partners to abide by a strict code of conduct, outlining things like health and safety, paying makers above the legal wage, fair working hours, voluntary overtime always being compensated at premium rate, never any child labour etc. Spell are proud that in addition to this, their suppliers are independently certified.

Spell continue to honour the tradition of handmaking by supporting marginalised artisans and crafts people around the world and have partnered with Indian Fair Trade organisation SETU through their Bridge to Artisans program.

Artisan Story: Spell’s exquisite Sayulita Kaftans are hand embroidered by a group of talented artisan women from a village located in Rajasthan, nestled in the isolated desert region of Barmer in India. The group take a community approach to craftsmanship, sharing the load between 70 families within the village - this approach allows the women to prioritise time with their families or time working in the fields.

Spell are committed to using organic cotton over conventional cotton wherever possible in their collections. Their preference is to have all cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This provides Spell with assurance that every single cotton fibre used in the garments is certified organic. Additionally, it has a strict set of protocols focusing on the environmental, social and ethical impacts related to manufacturing. To date, all the cotton in Spell’s SATLG collection is 100% GOTS organic certified. By the end of 2019, Spell aimed for at least 70% of our cotton to be organic across our entire production.

Spell are using ECONYL®, an innovative Italian fabric made from 78% recycled nylon for the majority of their swim range. In 2018 Spell became a signatory to the Canopy Policy with the aim to advance the conservation of ancient or endangered forests globally through responsible sourcing of cellulose fibres. Spell are now working with LENZING™ who use wood and pulp derived from responsibly managed forests and certified to come from sustainable sources. Furthermore, LENZING™ strives to safeguard resources for future generations by the use of renewable energy and by the recovery of process chemicals. Their manufacturing uses lower emissions and water than generic alternatives. Spell’s aim is to only use certified eco-responsible cellulose fibres by 2025. They are also using sustainable fabric Hemp in their collections from 2019 onwards.

Spell sources the most ethical and environmentally friendly leather possible. Their leather is sourced from approved Leather Working Group Tanneries, a group of industry leaders in an array of fields that have developed an environmental stewardship protocol for the leather manufacturing industry. Additionally Spell’s R&D team is continually trialling sustainable vegan leather opportunities (made from mushrooms or pineapple leaves for instance) to find a suitable alternative that has no animal welfare and environmental issues whilst still having the ability to last generations.

Spell send their garments in 100% biodegradable poly bags that break down naturally over time. These are packed into their reusable organic eco totes which are 100% unbleached organic cotton. Additionally, their new postage satchels are now 100% compostable and are made from sustainably-sourced plants.

Spell have invested in solar panels for their HQ and Byron store, harnessing the year round sun. Spell’s energy plan is not only 100% renewable, it’s sourced locally from the Northern Rivers via local energy provider Enova Energy - Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer. It means that Spell will reduce their CO2 emissions by 31.6 tonnes each year which is equivalent to planting 819 trees! They also use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products in these buildings wherever possible.

Spell have already quit the top 4 single use plastics in their workplace, which means no plastic bags, straws, drink bottles or disposable coffee cups.

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