Grow your forest

We all know we need to do little things every day to reduce our impact on the environment, but what if you could do a BIG thing with little effort?

The average person needs to plant approximately 1,000 trees in their lifetime to offset their carbon footprint and globally, we would need to plant over one trillion trees! With On Fleek, you can choose to plant a tree every time you allocate your reward points and reduce your Carbon Footprint by 15kg (est.).

To help you keep track, we’ve created a virtual forest builder where you can plant trees to represent all the real trees you have planted with your rewards. It’s time to get started…


Stage 1

Start your forest.

The earth is dry and the land is barren. Green leaves and fresh air is desperately needed! Plant five trees to start your forest and unlock stage two.

Stage 2

Explore your forest.

Step outside and take a look around - your forest is beginning to grow! Plant five trees to unlock stage three and bring life back to your forest.


Stage 3

Animals, Habitats and Threatened Species.

The air is clean and the water is fresh. Animals are starting to make your forest home! Plant another five trees to unlock stage four.

Stage 4

The air is clean and the water is fresh

Who knew fresh air grew on trees? By now the trees you have planted are generating enough oxygen for the animals who call your forest home and for humans - keep going! Plant another five.


Stage 5

The great outdoors!

The animals love calling your forest home! By planting another five trees you'll create even more place for them to live.

Stage 6

Your forest is growing!

Step outside and see what you’ve accomplished. The air is clean, the water runs clear, the trees are green and life has returned to the area. Plant another five tree to unlock stage seven.


Stage 7

That’s a lot of trees, you know what that means!

Fresh air everywhere! You have drastically reduced the amount of carbon emissions in the air which is going a long way in helping our plant heal. Plant another five tree to unlock stage eight.

Stage 8

Final forest

Congratulations!  You have completed Virtual Forest one. You’re well on your way to being carbon neutral for your purchases - well done!!


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Love this concept! I've just planted my first two trees :)