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On Fleek is a sustainability-focused loyalty program that is designed to drive consumers to your website, to purchase the products they love, while being mindful of the environment.

On Fleek is easy to set up and has no integration fees, so in a few short minutes your brand could be on its way to:

*Increased revenue from On Fleek customers
*Lower return rates and associated costs
*New audiences and traffic to your website
*Less unwanted stock and admin time
*An easy addition to sustainability strategies
*Sustainability positioning through On Fleek’s website and communications
*Good PR

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On Fleek empowers customers and retailers to make a change for good and contribute to a more sustainable future by shopping smarter. Buying kinder

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I'm so happy I found you OnFleek just made my first purchase!


Thanks OnFleek, loads of my favourite brands on here


Love this concept! I've just planted my first two trees :)