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Helly Hansen

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Originally founded in Norway, Helly Hansen has been making professional grade gear to help people stay and feel alive for almost 140 years.

Helly Hansen is a leader in technical sailing and performance ski apparel, as well as premium workwear. Its ski uniforms are worn and trusted by more than 60,000 professionals and can be found on Olympians, national teams, and at more than 200 ski resorts and mountain guiding operations around the world. Helly Hansen provide high quality, protective technical gear for work and sport. They work closely with people who work outdoors more days than they are indoors to continuously optimise the technology and design of our products.

Sustainability Efforts

Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH) is a multi-stakeholder initiative represented by NGOs, Trade Unions, Businesses and the Enterprise Federation of Norway advocating for ethical trade practices. Helly Hansen has been a member of IEH since 2003. IEH Member duties include tackling challenges in the supply chain, reporting openly on the status and progress of efforts, and a commitment to continuous improvement together with partners in the supply chain. Each year Helly Hansen reports to IEH on the status and progress of CSR initiatives.

Helly Hansen has a long-standing partnership and commitment to the widely recognized and independent bluesign® system that acts as a global guiding tool for the entire textile industry’s production chain. To ensure that products are environmentally friendly and pose no health hazards, the bluesign® system helps design production processes that meet the increasing consumer demand for ecologically safe apparel.

Sustainable water repellent treatment technology:

The only substance to date that can meet the needs for extreme oil and water repellence is fluorocarbons (PFCs) which for many years have been used in a chain with eight carbons, the so called C8s. This compound has hazardous bi-products, the PFOA and PFOS. Therefore Helly Hansen eliminated all C8 treatments from their products in production in 2014 and are today relying on the shorter chained fluorocarbon compound with six carbons, C6, for extreme oil and water repellence. Helly Hansen is in close cooperation with research institutes and chemical suppliers of PFC-free water repellence treatments and have successfully avoided the use of PFCs in their waterproof / breathable membranes.

Antibacterial substances:

Anti-bacterial treatments that are often added to textiles have been found in large quantities in the environment, polluting waterways, damaging plant and aquatic life. All Helly Hansen apparel has, and will remain free of these anti-bacterial substances.

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