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Founded in 2002 by Sydney-based sisters Alexandra & Genevieve Smart, GINGER & SMART designs for spirited women whose distinctive style is an expression of their individuality. A sense of cool confidence and discovery underpins the luxury contemporary design aesthetic of the brand, which seeks to combine the polished and the playful aspects of a woman.

GINGER & SMART has premium boutiques, concessions and a thriving online store that showcase the essence of the brand beautifully.

Sustainability Efforts

GINGER & SMART support @groundswellgiving who fund strategic, high-impact climate action and advocacy in Australia. They aim to educate and empower a new groundswell of people to take climate action in their own lives.

GINGER & SMART partnered with Carbon Neutral to pledge the planting of a tree for each online purchase to help rebuild the diverse bushland that has been lost in the Australian bushfires in 2019/2020. They have also donated fabric to a bead sewing school called Couture Bead Masters who organized a sewing session to assist the wildlife that were injured in the bushfires. In 2 days the school made 391 bat wraps, 28 knitted nests, 25 pairs of koala mittens, 41 hanging pouches and 431 pouches and liners and distributed them to companies helping the affected animals.

Where possible, GINGER & SMART source fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable. They minimise the use of harmful chemicals, excessive water and energy use and waste in the production of their garments and fabrication milling. GINGER & SMART collections are crafted from 100% sustainably sourced fabrics that are eco-friendly in their composition and construction.

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