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Camper are a contemporary footwear brand from the island of Mallorca, Spain. Founded in 1975, they are a family business with a rich shoemaking heritage that they use to create unique designs. Camper's shoes are still designed and developed in Inca, in the rural heart of Mallorca. Here a young creative team work alongside artisans to create approximately 500 models each season. Now in its fourth generation, the brand's footprint has stretched around the globe with stores in more than 40 countries.

Sustainability Efforts

Camper reduced their energy consumption 35% following the installation of 400 photo-voltaic panels in their headquarters in Mallorca. Some months these now cover all HQ energy. They have committed to cutting out all virgin plastics from their shoes by 2025.

Camper have set up ‘SECOND LIFE’ – their shoe recycling programme, allowing all shoes to be returned to be reworn, reused or repurposed, guaranteeing that they do not end up in landfill. In 2021, Camper introduced their first collection made from worn shoes called ‘ReCrafted’ – extending the lives of footwear and actively reducing potential landfill. Camper have also introduced two circular designs – Wabi and Kobarah – that can be ground down and made into new shoes at the end of their life.

Camper use the best certified natural materials, as well as the best human-made and innovative materials available at any given time. Camper joined the Leather Working Group (LGW) in 2013, a coalition of brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts, and NGOs aimed at raising environmental standards and ensuring best practice standards for tanners, manufacturers, and retailers. Tanneries are individually audited by specialists against stringent criteria and categorized based on the environmental standards met at each location. They only employ quality leathers that are derived as a by-product of the meat industry. We do not use hides originating from Brazil which contribute to the deforestation of the Amazon Biome and we never use products made from real fur or skins from endangered/wild animals.

Camper use a material called PrimaLoft® . Originally developed to serve the needs of the United States Army, PrimaLoft® is a water resistant synthetic fiber that offers excellent comfort and warmth. Made of post-consumer recycled fibers sourced from plastic bottles, the extra soft material provides added breathability and cushioning while keeping out the cold.

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